Welcome to the CTGP Revolution Wiki! CTGP Revolution is an Unofficial Mario Kart Wii mod created by MrBean35000VR and Chadderz (along with many other editors and testers). The mod adds over 200 'Custom Tracks' (Tracks made by fans and the community), including over 30 returning 'Retro Tracks' created by previous Mario Kart Games. The Mod also adds many other exiting new features such as 200cc engine class, and a vast online multiplayer mode, which Nintendo previously took down.

News Edit

New Tracks have been added to CTGP! Although sad to see some classics go, we can't wait for the new World Records set for the new ones!

  • Rosalina's Snow World (Mario Kart 7 Track), replacing Crossingville!
  • Boshi Skatepark, replacing Horror Mansion!
  • Hellado Mountain, replacing Disco Fever!
  • CTR Blizzard Bluff (CTR Track), replacing Daisy Gardens!
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